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Hi, there! I'm Dr. Kate Lyzenga-Dean

I'm the host of The Resilienteers Functional Medicine community.

I've been helping folks get to the root of their whole-person health concerns for nearly a decade, and I've learned a lot along the way. 

I had my own "medical misadventure" and discovered that it's possible to have very real physical symptoms of stress without any mental or emotional symptoms - go figure!

I am passionate about education and community, because understanding what's happening, why it's happening, and where to find the help you need is the best path to root-cause healing and relief. 

That's what you'll get as a Resilienteer - a supportive community, answers to your questions, practical strategies that work in real life, and the opportunity to really understand the "why" in areas where you feel stuck.

If you crave peace of mind

If you want to understand "why"

If you'd like to be encouraged

Discover healthy, holistic stress-relief in our supportive community of Resilienteers!


As a Resilienteer, you'll have access to:

Self-paced courses that show you the "why" behind your health concerns

Monthly meal plans, recipes, webinars, Q&A's, email support, & LIVE calls with Dr. Kate LD

Membership in the exclusive Resilienteers Mighty Network community

Pull up a chair at The Chill-Out Cafe!

Enjoy a healthy seasonal menu of Dr. Kate-approved recipes, NEW each month! 

Chosen and designed to be quick, easy, and nourishing, the meals at The Chill-Out Cafe are perfect for building your Resilienteer recipe collection.

Connect the dots with featured online mini-courses.

Discover how to work WITH your body's integrated systems while rebalancing hormones, boosting immunity, and calming the stress response. 

Each month is a new topic!

Kick-start your results with the 10-Day Stress-Away Reset!

Discover how to manage the mental AND physical effects of stress in this step-by-step reset. 

A $97 value, this program is now included in your Resilienteers library!

With 8 time-efficient modules, a 10-day food plan with 30+ delicious & healthy recipes, and self-assessment tools to help you figure out the best way to manage your symptoms, the 10-Day Stress-Away Reset is a great way to begin your stress-less life!

Find the Functional Medicine tools you need to build resilience that lasts!

Get access to Dr. Kate's favorite, trusted resources from movement to mindfulness and everything in between.

Gain valuable insights from Dr. Kate & her resilience-minded friends.

Browse this ever-growing archive of videos, podcast interviews, and live chats with Dr. Kate and other health & wellness experts - featuring Dr. Kate's monthly Resilience Spotlight!

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Building resilience isn't realistic without help.

And a Resilienteer knows that having a supportive community and expert guidance at your fingertips - WHEN YOU NEED IT - is the difference between success and falling back into your old bad habits.

Because it takes a village, a collective, a community of resilience-seekers to lift you up and cheer you on when things get tough. 

Sure, it's great to get new, healthy, stress-busting recipes each month. And learning how your body's stress response system (the HPA Axis) impacts your hormones, immune system, genetics, fat percent, metabolism, etc. is super important.

But all that info isn't going to matter a LICK when you're between a rock and a hard place - all alone. 

That's why you have US!

Your fellow Resilienteers.

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