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Do you need a stress reset?

You're in the right place if any of this feels familiar...

You're Tired but Wired

You're exhausted most of the day, but you wake up at 3am every night, brain buzzing uncontrollably. When you try to relax, your mind just won't "turn off."

Your Doctor Says it's "Just Stress"

You've got physical symptoms (heart flutters, shaky feelings, dizziness, or worse) that appeared out of nowhere. You know it's not "all in your head" but don't know what to DO. 

You're Overwhelmed

You know your life isn't balanced, but you don't have time or resources to spend on yoga retreats or spa days. There are too many options on the internet and you need guidance.

Imagine if you could spend your time and energy doing the things that light you up -  relaxed and comfortable and feeling like your best self.

How would that change things for you?

The truth is you can overcome both the mental and physical impact of stress in your life.

And you don't have to do it all on your own.

When Stress Gets Physical

"I had a bit of a “crash” last weekend. Everything stopped. Digestion, low libido, depressed, irritable, tired heavy feeling and breathing, sudden onset of belly fat. Yet I am grateful, because despite all I have done for my health, this incident helped me realized that I haven’t taken seriously the stress in my life."

 - April L.

If you're sick of feeling overwhelmed

If you're sick of being unable to rest

If you're sick of having out-of-control emotions

If this sounds like you, you're not alone!

I've spent the past decade working with people who suffer from stress-related health problems.

And I've seen the damage that unhealthy stress response patterns can do, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. 

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In The 10-Day Stress-Away Reset, you'll learn:

How to make sense of your body's stress response

And you won't need a PhD in physiology to do it!

Stress-optimizing strategies (that don't waste time)

Including how to nourish your body during times of stress

Rookie mistakes most people make and how to avoid them

You'll be able to dodge two common traps of stress

The Emotional Toll of Stress

"I signed up for Dr. Kate's program because I was having a difficult time dealing with stress, sleeping and feeling good about myself. I felt frustrated when I was trying to solve the problem by myself. But Dr. Kate was able to help me put names on issues I didn't really know how to label. I was then able to apply what I learned to myself, my routines, and make some changes." 

 - Robin G.

When you sign up for The 10-Day Stress-Away Reset

You'll get all of the following goodness:

8 in-depth modules covering:

The ABC's of Stress

The Stress Response in 60 seconds

Your Self-care Story

Two Common Traps

How Gratitude Changes Your Reality

and MORE!

Stress optimizing resources including:

Helpful reminders & encouragement

Useful apps and tech

Functional Medicine self-assessment tools

Tips and Tricks for creating your own healthy stress-optimization routine

Access to a Functional Medicine stress expert:

As part of your 10-Day Stress-Away Reset, you'll be invited to join our private Mighty Networks group. 

Within, you'll be able to get answers for your questions, support from fellow stress-optimizers, and VIP access to new events and resources!

PLUS your complete 10-day food plan with over 30 recipes!

 In the 10-day Stress-Away Reset, our goal is to use the food we eat to signal and support a healthy stress response.

This food plan is unfussy, easily modified, and step-by-step.

It's designed to optimize your body's stress response system while also taking one more thing off your plate...meal planning.

If you're unsure how to feed yourself well during times of stress, this plan will provide all the practical clarity you need to get started!

Follow the plan daily as you work through each module, or choose a few new recipes to introduce into your existing food plan...it's up to you!

This doctor-designed, Functional-Medicine-approved food plan is worth the entire price of the reset, but you get it as a free bonus when you sign up!


Part 1 of your Reset

We dive right into the ABC's of stress (a.k.a., the Adaptive Balance Concept of stress). You'll be relieved to reframe the concept of "life balance" in a way that supports your body's natural rhythms.

Once we've discovered how to see things in a fresh, rejuvenating light, I'll explain how your body's stress response system works...in just 60 seconds! No lengthy, boring lessons...just the most relevant and important concepts!

The final segment of Part 1 encourages you to take a look at the role of Self Care in your life, not from a guilt or shame perspective, but from one of wholeness and "enough-ness."

Part 2 of your Reset

This trio of modules is all about Stress-Optimizing Strategies.

We begin with S.O.S. - Breathe, a training that reviews the research and physiology of therapeutic breathing. 

Next we discuss food in S.O.S. - Nourish, where you'll learn how to modify your dietary choices based on your stress level

Finally, in S.O.S. - Move, you'll discover that more isn't always better when it comes to exercise and stress!

Part 3 of your Reset

Because you don't have time and energy to waste, these modules focus on helping you avoid the "rookie mistakes" that I've seen many of my patients make.

You'll learn how to dodge two common traps that hold you back as well as take advantage of your brain's built-in "wish granting system" by utilizing the power of gratitude. 

We wrap up with some highlights from the program, useful reminders, encouraging words, and resources you can use (including the program itself) in the future!

And you'll be invited to join our Private Facebook Community!

Get support, encouragement, and answers to your questions in this exclusive group...just for members of The 10-Day Stress-Away Reset.

Stress Relief is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

"This course has been a big help in getting me over the hump...at least for now. I have had a few really good weeks in a row using some of these techniques. I look forward to going through it again in the coming weeks to further digest the info and establish a plan. Thank you, Dr. Kate! You are Awesome!"

 - Lisa G.

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  • 8 in-depth instructional modules
  • 10-day food plan with over 30 stress-busting recipes
  • Lifetime access to program and updates
  • Membership in the Private Facebook Community
  • Useful resources including self-assessment tools and apps
  • Simple, proven, step-by-step strategies to Functional Medicine, holistic, healthy stress relief
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The 10-Day Stress-Away Reset is NOT for:

The 10-Day Stress-Away Reset is TOTALLY for: 

  • Someone who wants a clear, step-by-step, effective plan
  • Someone who is ready for a fresh start
  • Someone who is tired of trying to "do it all" on their own
  • Someone who is open to a holistic perspective
  • Someone who is willing to give self-care a chance and take a few minutes every day to invest in themselves

If you find yourself nodding in agreement, this program will totally transform your health and wellness!


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All the resources and recipes you need for a total RESET!

The 10-day food plan includes daily healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner PLUS snack and beverage recommendations. 

Discover how delicious holistic stress relief can be with this step-by-step menu, at your fingertips!

Let's DO This!

Take the next step.

Feel like your best self again.

Be the energetic, joyful, fulfilled, relaxed version of yourself that you know you can be.

Because when you're thriving, the world is a better place.

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Not quite ready for a reset?

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  • Functional Medicine
  • HPA-axis dysfunction
  • The physical effects of stress
  • Holistic stress relief?

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